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  • Development and upkeep of various documentations (technical aids, specialised literature, social services and institutions) in connection with the existing documentations of various institutions and organisations.
  • The preparation of various - political - proposals and demands of disabled persons and consequently the attempt to realise these proposals and demands; especially in the areas of building and engineering, justice, labour market, social affairs, education and vocational training. 
  • The operation of an European department so as to inform the Austrian Disability Organisations on disability related issues in the European Union and so as to co-ordinate their according activities as well as to enable their participation in projects of the European Union.
  • Collaboration in various panels and commissions: for instance Standards Committees, the Vienna school authority, various panels in Federal ministries (education, social affairs etc.), panels on long term care, panels of the Federal disability authorities, European Disability Forum in Brussels etc.
  • Contact to all scientifically active institutions, active in the area of disability relevant issues, for instance architecture, mechanical engineering, medicine, pedagogic, social-, political, information- and sports sciences. 
  • The Convention on the Rights of persons with Disabilities is from mayor importance for our work.

The ÖAR also receives funds for the promotion of innovative projects in the interest of disabled persons in Austria from the fundraising activity "Licht ins Dunkel".


Österreichischer Behindertenrat

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